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Church History

In the 1800's, a small group of Baptist felt the need to make arrangements to worship. The first church was a Bush Harbor located on a dirt road, which is now called Lower Gainesville Road (County Road 131).

The same Baptist freedom felt a need to make arrangements to worship in a place other than the Bush Harbor Church. We have evidence that there were some hewed logs in the second church which was built in the same spot as the Bush Harbor. This was known as the Log Cabin Church.

Some years later a plank church was built across the creek on the other side of Lower Gainesville Road. After these pioneers secured land, their eagerness led them to construct a wood frame structure on the same side of the creek known as Zion Brush Creek.
The following ministers have served as pastors of this great church: Reverends Bell Brown, Flared Jars, Saul Brown, Isom Lewis, Simon Bryant, Moses Finch, Mack Bently, William Norwood, L.M. Clark, R.L. Johnson, John Hodges, R.E. Davis, Cephus Simmons, Walter Wright, and Kelvin Cockrell Sr. who grew up in this church, and now Samuel Ezell.

The following persons have served as deacons of the church: Brothers Henry Jenkins, Perry Hargrove, Henry Steward, Sam Watkins, Sandy Freeman, William Harkness, Alex Wallace, John Jones, James Brown Sr., Willie Eubanks, Wilson Butler, Robert Rhoden, Archie Smith, William Smith, John McCarter Sr., Fred Thompson, and Floyd Cox. Our present deacon board consists of Hezekiah Watkins, Pleas Williams, Johnny Thomas Sr., John E. Nickson, and Rufus Little Jr.

Our church has grown so much over the past few years. We have implemented an annual Scholarship Program for high school seniors, annual Back to School Pack distribution for school age youth, and most recently dedicated a Library/Media Center in January 2007.

Church Archives (Photos)
2011 Back-To-School Program    (rollover pictures with mouse)